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Volcano Tenorio - Rio Celeste - Costa Rica

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Nature and Animal Pictures

» Mammals

In our National Parks, mammals are everywhere, but hard to see.

» Insects

An amazing number of insects inhabit Costa Rica. Some of them are tiny but with intriguing shapes and colors, others are rather big.

» Reptiles and Amphibians

You can see reptiles and amphibians almost everywhere. They come in many forms, colors and sizes, poisonous or not, noisy or not, big or small, you can see them by day or night.

» Birds

In the Tenorio-Miravalles area, around 490 different bird species have been identified of the 850 that offers Costa Rica. See also our » Birds List (pdf file)

» Flowers

Let yourself be enchanted by the poetry and the color palette of plants and flowers of nature that surrounds us.

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